Monday, 1 April 2013

Summary - Part 2

In March 2012 we quietly entered the online world, not really knowing what we were doing, but with hearts firmly in the right place we soldiered on with our humorous take on the world.

Our first posts included a freshly finished song called ‘Golden Age’, featuring samples formed from Leroy’s gas cooker and Tupperware... 

...and TONE.’s porn/M&S Christmas catalogue collage mashup titled ‘MEAT’.

'MEAT #5' by TONE.

In April we delivered our first batch of ‘READ ME!’ letters to the public. The premise of which is not dissimilar to a message in a bottle, where we ask a simple question via the means of a sealed envelope which we scatter around in various locations, i.e. supermarkets/cafe’s, in baited hope of a stranger finding it and replying to us using Facebook or Twitter.

''READ ME #1 - Q: Are you proud to be British?' by Major Gubbins & TONE.

April also saw Leroy’s Google image cut & paste codpiece ‘Leroy's Literal Lyrics’... 

'Wisemen' by Leroy Craddock

...and my first musical body of work ‘The Saṃsāra EP’. 

TONE. hit his stride by the time May came along. He began to develop an illustrative style all of his own, which he would then master throughout the following months in his ‘Monochrome Musings’...

'Melty Eyes' by TONE.

'Hairy Legs' by TONE.

'Makers Reject' by TONE.

'Talk to the Hand' by TONE.

'Porno Pricilla' by TONE.

...and ‘Amusing Mulch’ features.

'The MET Office' by TONE.

'Mixed Showers' by TONE.

'Pooh!' by TONE.

'The Charity Clipboard Fundraiser Low Self-Esteem Foundation' by TONE.

'Pube Guitar' by TONE.

May was also when my failed attempt to free TONE. from inside of a locked car resulted in us going down South for a week. But it worked in our favour as it was in the same week that we started our second ‘READ ME!’ letter...

'READ ME #2 - Q: What makes you scream?!' by Major Gubbins & TONE. which we gained a few more replies, one of which being the excellent Brighton based best-selling indie writer Tony Healey.

We came back from our little excursion filled with seaside air and bonces full of new ideas. One of which was ‘The Daily Post-it’, insightful nonsense written on a sticky backed note and discarded wherever seemed fittest. 

'Eat me! I taste of banana' by Major Gubbins

Stuck to a table in the Ponds Forge Cafeteria, Sheffield.

'I'm drunk!' by Major Gubbins

Stuck to an empty mug in Starbucks, Division Street, Sheffield.

'It would be bad Karma to screw me up and throw me away' by Major Gubbins

Stuck to a sofa in The Sheaf Island, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.

Between June and August we worked continuously. I released ‘Sunday Wok Wash’... 

...and ‘The Daily Post-it’ became a staple feature, cropping up every few weeks... 

'Sit on my face' by Major Gubbins

Stuck to a bench in Orchard Square, Sheffield.

'People accuse me of being a little square' by Major Gubbins

Stuck to a bench in the passenger shelter at Dronfield Train Station.

'No point crying over it' by Major Gubbins

Stuck to a table in Morrisons Cafe, Hillsborough, Sheffield.

On the 29th September I began an eating binge (including a quick nibble on a charity Labrador) that was to result in the beginning of the end of my full on beard misdemeanor. But I’ll leave that story for another day.

Now, off to bed children.

- Major Gubbins

P.S. This post is but a mere morsel of what took place over the few months mentioned, for the bigger picture please thumb through our Facebook page. That is if we haven't already bored you senseless.

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