Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Work in Progress...

I know, I know. The amusements have been few and far between recently. You see, we’re all taking a few months off to work on making ‘Major Gubbins’ the best it can be. So don’t you be thinkin’ we’ve stopped, or got bored, or died?... Hopefully not the last one ay.

We’re just busy doing what it is we do. Trevor and TONE. have been doodlin' profusely. Minor’s been reviewing everything from oak trees to Deal Or No Deal. Leroy’s been rustlin’ up culinary concoctions. Emily’s started interviewing the local characters here in Fakemoor. And me, well, I need to pull my finger out I guess.

'Work In Progress...' by TONE.
'Work In Progress...' by TONE.

But anyway, in the meantime, TONE. has provided this splendid sketch for you to ogle over. 


'Major Gubbins' by TONE.

- Major Gubbins

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