Monday, 17 June 2013

Neighbourhood Sketch - Father's Day (Pollyanna's Flat)

Hello, TONE. typing. So, I was, er, doing some of my usual nebbing about the estate yesterday, and I wound up in the kitchen of Pollyanna Twentywell. Her brother Nicholas was round, and er, they were talking about baking a cake for their Dad, because it was Father's Day. 

I know next to nothing about baking, but some of the ingredients seemed a bit odd to, er, say the least. There was an awful lot of rat poison in it for one, but the erm, cream-cheese icing they made separate looked quite, er, delish.

'Pollyanna Twentywell' by TONE.
'Pollyanna Twentywell' by TONE. 

I hung around while it was cooking. I mean baking. They were talking about the fortune that their Dad had come into. Think it was something to do with, the er, shares or something. I don't really know, flies don't have currency of any kind, so it all goes over my head. They kept talking about a Will too. Not sure who he is.

'Nicholas Twentywell' by TONE.
'Nicholas Twentywell' by TONE.

There was a strange smell after a while, so I left. It didn't smell like burning, more like when Leroy is struggling to turn the oven on with a match.

Then I woke up this morning to sirens. Apparently there was a big explosion in Pollyanna's flat. Don't know if they were in it. Hopefully not, but they were very sleepy before I went. 

'Self-Portait ' by TONE.

- TONE. 

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  1. Oh dear, what a dark and grisly tale! Really love your drawings of them though, they do look like a rather shifty pair.